Adding Failure Codes Cause and Remedy field to Maximos Advanced Search

So this is not something that is setup OOB for Maximo but will be extremely useful if you are using failure codes (Problem/Cause/Remedy). Problem already exists OOB in Maximo but for some reason cause/remedy where not. Follow the steps in the link above to implement this into your system.

To summarize what needs to happen

  1. You will be creating two new relationships on the workorder table. That will link back to failurereport table. One for Cause and one for Remedy.
  2. You will create two new lookups in the lookups.xml for your system that will be used in your advanced search dialog (searchmore)
  3. You will update your application wotrack or plusgwo (or your equivalent industry solution module) advanced search dialog to use the new relationship and lookup.

It’s a fairly simple change and you shouldn’t need to take the server down or move it into admin mode. Remember follow your change management rules.

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